Gamboa/ Santa Cruz

project boardIMG_9963

Community. The first edition is launched in the multicultural and multilingual community of Gamboa, Panama. This village is home to biologists from around the globe. Santa Cruz is home to many Panama Canal employees, mostly native Panamanians. Therefore the comments will be both in Spanish and English.

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Material. Punge works with recycled material when possible. The board comes from a bat researchers lab, the paint and markers are a donation. Nothing else was needed!

Place.  Mc Grath field is an athletic field where people from both towns play Frisbee together–a place where cultures meet and a natural place for this project. The board is placed along a walking route to attract many people.

Location McGrath field

Attraction. Since the board isn’t that visible from the main road, we put up a flyer (upload the file flyer Alive wall v01) at the local store and other offline and online places accessible to the community.

Make your own wall. Download the original files, print it and use it to spray the statement on a wall in your neighborhood. The files: Alive 1 Alive 2 Alive 3 Alive 4 Alive 5 Alive 6 Alive 7 Alive 8 Alive 9 Alive 10 Alive 11